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Uganda Gorilla Trek

Uganda is one of Africa's prettiest countries. It is no wonder Winston Churchill has named this beautiful nation "the pearl of Africa" with its thick misty forests, snow-covered hills, glassy rivers, and wide-ranging savannas.

  1. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park - a 124-square-mile UNESCO site home to approximately 350 mountain gorillas (half of the world's remaining population), non-habituated chimpanzees, more than 100 other species of mammals, 346 species of birds, and 163 species of trees.

Itinerary Details

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Uganda Gorilla Trek Itinerary
  • Morning Transfer from Entebbe to Kihihi. Arrival at Kihihi Airstrip and transfer to Silverback Lodge. You will be met by the lodge driver guide on arrival at Kihihi Airstrip and take 45-minute transfer to Silverback Lodge. Arrival at Silverback Lodge with lunch and afternoon Batwa Pygmy Trail Walk USD 70.00 per person. Evening at leisure and overnight at Silverback Lodge. (B, L, D)

  • Early morning departure to Gorilla Trekking Point Ruhija which takes about 90 minutes. Depart for Gorilla Trekking Point 0700 hrs with packed lunch from Silverback Lodge Porter to assist in carrying backpack & other items (if required payable USD 20.00 direct) There is an early morning entry into the gorilla sanctuary. Transfer to Gorilla Trekking point. The rainforest is spectacular, heavily vegetated and dense landscape crisscrossed by numerous animal trails, allowing access for trekkers. This is a full day adventure. Return to Silverback Lodge and overnight. (B, PL, D)

  • After breakfast, transfer to Kihihi Airstrip for your flight back to Entebbe. Arrival in Entebbe by 12 noon. (B)


  1. Pygmy Trail Walk

  2. Gorilla Trek

Possible Extensions

  1. Batwa Village Walk

What’s Included

  1. Return flight Entebbe to Kihihi Airstrip

  2. Return Airstrip transfers

  3. Return transfer Ruhija Trekking point

  4. 2-night All-inclusive accommodation at the Lodge

  5. Gorilla Trekking Permit

Things to Carry

  1. A small, lightweight, frameless, waterproof back/day pack.

  2. Light, waterproof hiking or walking boots or shoes with treadled soles & thick, high socks.

  3. High speed film 400ASA minimum, 800ASA recommended (no flash photos allowed), fast film & binoculars.

  4. Long pants (jeans/khakis) and a long-sleeved shirt.

  5. Leather or heavy canvas gloves to grip vegetation (gardening gloves advised).

  6. Waterproof rain pants, a rain suit or poncho with hood.

  7. Moisture wicking undergarments, lightweight wool socks, long-sleeved shirt.

  8. A waterproof, squash-able hat.

  9. Sunscreen, a sun hat, a breathable lightweight rain poncho or parka with a rain hat.


Thanks for your support in arranging booking to Ol Pajeta on such a short notice. It was a pleasant stay rather I will say one of the best so far in Kenya and my family can remember it for entire lifetime. We didn’t face any issues during our stay. I would like to share my experience of Ol Pajeta with this post.... Serena tented camps are placed very well inside the conservancy. We reached Ol Pajeta at 1:00 pm and on the first day while having lunch we spotted African Bull Elephants (a herd of 15) just 10 feets away from the dining hall near the watering hole. Imagine taking a selfie with African Bull Elephant, I did.. Weather was awesome, clear sky, the temperature here in day rises a bit due to the altitude (6800+ ft from sea level) as compare to Nairobi. We did 3 game safaris and in all of them we spotted Big 4 (only leopard was missing). Just after finishing our dinner, while waiting for our guide to take us to Night game drive we spotted 2 White rhinos near the water hole, close to dining hall. The one white rhino was huge with very big front horn (really big almost 25 to 30 inch) and second rhino was much smaller (might be male and female). What else you want, no need to go for game drive in OL Pajeta animals comes near to your tents and pays back your money worth. Our night game drive started from 9-11 pm and we were the only one in the forest, Just after 10 min we started our game drive a big male bull elephant which was hiding behind the trees came close to our car and threatened us to go away….was a scary event.
Bhavna is now a great friend. Over the years I have booked many Safaris and other Leisure trips through her and she has never ever failed me. Being a passionate wildlife photographer myself, Its important for me to stay and go to places that suit my requirements and Bhavna would always know the best for me. However, she would also remember always that I would travel with my family (wife and 2 kids) so she would also ensure that the location and stay were comfortable and enjoyable even for the kids. Another important thing that I must appreciate about Bhavna. Unlike many tour operators who are only bothered about the bill value, she would always suggest ways and means to save unnecessary costs. I have always referred Bhavna to many of my friends who have traveled to Kenya/East Africa and they have always come back really happy and satisfied. Our itineraries are always very well planned. Customized to suite specific needs, Sensitive about cost not compromising on quality. When one travels outside one’s country, one needs to depend upon his/her tour operator to guide him/her well. That’s exactly what I have always experienced while finalizing my travel itinerary with Bhavna. She will always recommend what’s best and explain the local nuances of the country and the place one is visiting. I have enjoyed every single aspect of my trips however being able to experience the wildlife of Africa and being able to capture those unbelievable moments through my lenses is definitely extra special. The quality of guides during an African Safari are most critical, they are the ones who would always be there with you from when you are picked up and then dropped back at the hotel or Airport after the trip. Thus, they are your driver and also your wildlife expert. Again, another experience that I have no complaints about with Bhavna. They are always friendly, cheerful, patient with kids and keen wildlife lovers. Before even we start the travel, all possible local nuances, possible hazards (bad roads, etc) were always informed in advance. Important things like Park fees, etc which require to be paid on the spot are also explained well in advance. Luckily, we didn’t have any bad experiences. Of-course when you travel such remote destinations, there could be some issue like food being very different and not to your palate, or an occasional puncture, etc but that’s a part of the adventure and one must embrace it. I have mostly travelled with Family and friends; they have all enjoyed equally. When you go for Safaris with little kids (I am taking mine since the time my younger daughter was 4 and the elder one 10) there are times when they get bored or tired, thus it’s important to also stay in camps/hotels where there is enough to keep the kids busy - Swimming pool, games area, etc. Bhavna would always ensure that she books places that would suit my kids. Overall my experience – Brilliant so far.

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